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How does the gtID# impact me?

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The Georgia Tech Identification Number, or gtID#, serves as a unique identifier for each individual in the Georgia Tech community, replacing the use of Social Security Numbers to identify Tech constituents. The unique gtID# is assigned at the beginning of an individual’s association with the Institute. The gtID# is used across all systems, applications, and many business processes throughout the lifetime of an individual’s relationship with the Institute. For instance, an individual may start out as a student, return a few years later as a consultant, decide to complete his/her Doctorate Degree, and return again years later as a faculty member. Regardless of the association/relationship that individual has with Georgia Tech, he/she will have/use the same gtID#.

Creating new unique gtID# eliminates using SSNs as the key identifier in administrative systems and applications addresses two critical issues. The gtID# provides campus-wide continuity in identifying all constituents regardless of their association with Georgia Tech. By eliminating SSN as the key identifier in automated systems, Georgia Tech is taking another important step in reducing the risk of identity theft for the Georgia Tech community.

Effective March 1, 2003, the Georgia Tech Identification Number, known as gtID#, will be assigned to all current Georgia Tech students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and associates.

Students will be assigned a gtID# when his/her application is received. When accepted, the student will use this number as his/her “key” for all administrative transactions, activities and services provided by Georgia Tech. (If a student has a previous association with Georgia Tech he/she will continue to use the gtID# already assigned.)

Authorized administrators in each unit will request a gtID# for any new individual as appropriate. The assignment of a gtID# only constitutes authorization that this individual is eligible for services appropriate to the type of relationship they have with the Institute. Once the gtID# is assigned the normal business process to request/activate services can be initiated. The new process will really be beneficial for certain groups such as new faculty. They can activate computer and email accounts, access library resources, and other services such as parking before his/her first real work day. A gtID# must be assigned before a BuzzCard can be issued.

The BuzzCard Center will process all non-student gtID# requests submitted by authorized campus administrators. Current BuzzCard holders will not need to have their BuzzCard reissued. All BuzzCards issued after March 1, 2003 will have the gtID# printed on the front of the card.

Project Time Line/Status provides further information on the gtID# project background and the impact on administrative systems.