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This page last updated April 19, 2010 12:33 PM

How does the gtID# impact me?

Impact Project Announcements Project Timeline & Status SSN
Overview of Impact Impact on Faculty/staff Impact on Students

Faculty/Staff Impact

Effective March 1, 2003, Georgia Tech will move from identifying faculty and staff members by their Social Security numbers to using a unique identifier called the gtID# to help protect individual privacy and confidentiality. This change in business practices is the result of a new Institute policy governing the use of Social Security numbers.

Current Faculty and Staff Members

You will automatically be assigned a gtID# as part of the conversion.

All employees are assigned an Employee ID when they are hired. This identifier is mainly used for processing within the PeopleSoft system. For this reason, your Employee ID will not change. The Employee ID will continue to be used in all OHR administrative processes and AP travel reimbursements.

Applications, like OSCAR, requiring your Social Security number for logon purposes will now require your gtID#. A gtID# “lookup link” will be provided on an application’s login page so you can quickly find your gtID# when needed.


New Faculty and Staff Members

You will automatically be assigned a gtID# during the hiring process

Instead of using Social Security numbers you will need your gtID# when applying for services, such as:

  • Buzz Card Center – get a Buzz card and request all other services

  • Parking Office – apply for a parking permit

  • Office of Information Technology – email account activations

  • Library – use library resources

  • Student Athletic Complex (SAC) – membership services

  • Setup access for most buildings on campus

The new gtID# will not replace the usage of the Employee ID used by Human Resources and Payroll Services.